Merry Celebrating

Bird ornament
{This is our bird ornament called Scooter. We have the tendency to name things!}

It’s finally here—the start of the long Christmas weekend! Whoo-ooo! D and I are heading even more north to spend the long holiday weekend with his family. We are both excited to start the festivities and continue on the traditions (like warm homemade sticky buns on Christmas morning—yum.)

Of course, our own home is decorated for both Chanukah and Christmas. We already celebrated Chanukah earlier in the month and our own Christmas will be happening when we get back from traveling. It’s a true Christmukah at our house. As a bit of fun, I thought I’d share a few snap shots from around our house.

Garfield ornament

As you know I have a soft spot for Garfield, so of course he’s on our tree! Our tree is a great blend of traditional ornaments and fun, playful ones. It’s amazing how your tree shows the personality of its couple or family.

cookie cutter ornaments

Yep, those are Chanukah cookie cutter ornaments! I wanted to add a touch of the “festival of lights” to our tree, so I came up with the idea to hang my menorah and dreidel cookie cutters. I think it looks great and love the blending the two holidays.

And speaking of blending traditions this picture book:

holiday picture book

Daddy Christmas & Hanukkah Mama, is a wonderful story that shows how one family blends and respects both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. Does your family blend traditions too? I’d love to hear what you do!

I want to wish you a VERY merry week of celebrating with family and friends. And I hope you are as content as a snowman sitting in a dish of red and green M&Ms!
abbydora design holiday fun
{Yes, that would OUR candy dish. Isn’t he cute?}