Hanging Out with Columbus

D and I took a trip to New York City over the weekend and thanks to my best friend we got to experience a very cool public art exhibit. It’s an outdoor (but really indoor) installation by Tatzu Nishi called Discovering Columbus and you will soon see why.

This is what we saw when we came out of the subway:
Discovering Columbus

We were invited to climb the stairs inside the scaffolding.
The Living Room art

This is me admiring the view as we climb:
Abbydora Design

And on the landing just before we step inside this is what we saw. Amazing!
nishi art
new york city 2012

And finally we stepped inside a newly constructed and fully furnished living room built around the stone statue of Christopher Columbus 75 feet in the air!
abbydora design

This was the wallpaper:
mickey mouse elvis

You could sit on the chairs, watch a flat screen TV, and admire the amazing views out the windows.
abby kuperstock

I highly recommend seeing this artwork yourself! The city views alone are fantastic. You do need to reserve a ticket, but happily they are FREE. Yay!

Have you recently seen some amazing artwork? I’d love to hear about it.