Old MacDonald Picture Book

abby kuperstock illustration

It is my absolute joy to announce that I have published my first children’s picture book, Old MacDonald Had A Farm! During this past summer’s art festivals I witnessed many young children connect with my animal portraits. Parents and children engaged in conversations to name the animal and what sound they made. For me it was a thrill to see this connection with my art.

I wanted to continue this engagement with my illustrations, so I collected the animal artwork and assembled it into an adorable early reader book using the Old MacDonald song. Little ones with parents will again enjoy sharing time with each other while naming the large, brightly colored farm animals and mimicking their sounds in this paperback book.

abby kuperstock book design

Creating this book allowed me the unique opportunity to use both my art and design skills. I painted the artwork, designed the book layout, and set the typography! After several years of working with other people’s artwork in books, it felt amazing to be working with my own illustrations. I think of this book as a stepping stone to venturing into more of my own illustrated books.

children's illustration

Now for the good stuff! Since you are the first to know about this Old MacDonald picture book you are able to purchase my book at the special $12 price for this week only! After next Tuesday October 23rd, the book will be released to the public and the retail price will increase. Perhaps this is the moment to start your holiday shopping? I do hope you enjoy this book as much as I did creating it!

Do you have a little one in your life who loves animals?