Empowering Words

kelly rae roberts

During difficult moments of my life, I gain strength in a simple mantra I created while in grad school and working full time (oh yes, it was stressful!). My words are written in thick Sharpie ink on a teal post-it note: Stay tough You can do it. I stuck my note on the outside of the freezer at eye level for a needed reminder every time I came into the kitchen. Several years, later it’s still on my freezer and still helping me to learn to run my own art and design business.

Yes, words are powerful. Artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, understands this too. She often adds in an inspiring “truth” statement into her collage paintings. She’s highlighted these beautiful mantras in her newest product: fabric cuff bracelets.

cuff mantra braclet

There’s a whole collection of styles of bracelets and phrases. Which one do you like?
kelly rae roberts
All Images taken from the Kelly Rae Roberts website
Any one of these cuffs would make as a great gift. Not only are you giving a colorful bracelet, but you are also gifting love to help inspire and encourage.

Do you have your own mantra?