Tiny Animal Totems

abbydora design animal

My best friend is visiting me this week and she is a huge animal lover. Beasts large and small make this gal smile. So in honor of her, I thought I’d share a fantastic artist who creates tiny animal sculptures. Laura is the creative power behind the company Le Animale.

alligator sculpture

She calls her tiny (and I mean tiny under 2 inches!) animal sculptures totems or spirit animals. All her work is handmade. She creates them from clay, adds paints, and coats them in a clear varnish. They are so adorable!

children's illustration

There are so many I would love to collect. They even have my favorite animal, an otter! Eee—so cute!

abby dora design
{All images from the Le Animale website}

Le Animale does custom work, so your own favorite animal could become a beautiful animal totem too. What animal totem would you want?