Daily Monster Fix

Stefan Bucher

This morning I came across designer/illustrator, Stefan Bucher’s, new app for your iphone or ipad—The DAILY MONSTER Monster Maker. It’s a spin off on his own personal Daily Monster project. Now you get to create your very own monsters using exclusive inkblots and eyeballs and other monster parts Bucher has specifically created for this app.

stefan bucher illustration

Monster Maker App

But wait there’s more! Your monsters can speak their minds with custom speech bubbles or pose for photos and it all the results can be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Or if your monsters are real divas, you can have them printed on t-shirts with the new Zazzle button.

What would your monster look like? I found my very own monster in the backyard over the weekend.
abbydora design illustration

This handy monster helped me with a Corn Hill Arts Festival preparation. He made FABULOUS tent weights! The Corn Hill Arts Festival is next weekend—July 7th and 8th. (It’s finally here!) I hope you can attend!