Porch Color

porch design

This summer D and I decided our second story porch needed more color—especially after our rental house was painted a very non-inspiring medium brown. I was determined to add touches of bright yellows, reds, and apple greens!

Armed with our to-go coffee mugs we took on the nurseries of Rochester. Although it took most of Saturday we found just the right splashes of color.

I found our red in a vibrant pair of Geraniums. And I even potted them in a gorgeous indigo blue ceramic pot.

A large fern in a hanging basket adds a great splash of bright green. Herbs in orange ceramic pots dot our railings for more color.
hanging plant
porch landscape

Finally, we have a wonderful corner of yellow and purple!
yellow coronis

Now when we sit on our porch there is color at every glance and let me tell you it feels so good! I know D and I will be enjoying our porch even more this summer.
How have you decorated your porch or patio?