Life Comes Full Circle

watercolor painting

Over the weekend, D and I traveled to Saratoga Springs to celebrate my grandmother’s 96th birthday! It was a wonderful weekend filled with family, a gorgeous boat ride on a lake, and even a fantastic story.

My grandmother grew up on Staten Island and learned to paint with watercolors at the Art Students League. Throughout her life, she has kept up her painting and she is a truly wonderful watercolorist. As an young adult she moved to upstate New York. Last month she donated one of her paintings of the Saratoga Springs carousel to a fund raiser in Vermont for her great-granddaughter’s preschool. The fundraiser was a great success and to my grandmother’s utter surprise her carousel painting was sold to a family who lives on Staten Island!

Wow! It’s so perfect and fitting that one of her paintings should find a home on Staten Island. I love when life throws in these “complete circle moments”. Have you experienced one yourself lately?