Font Finds: Birthday Doodles & Monsters

It’s been quite awhile since I posted a Font Find, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of fonts with playful gylphs that can make your designs even more fun.

The first is: Birthday Doodles by Outside the Line.

abbydora design book design

custom greeting cards

This font features all sorts of cute drawings of all things party related: cakes, cupcakes, streamers,and confetti. I love energy shown in the line work. The cakes on pedestals are my favorites!

The other font find is: Monstro by Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung.

abbydora graphic design

cute monters graphic

Who doesn’t like a cute monster? This collection of monster pictographs is fantastic! Each monster has such personality. The gritty texture of the letterforms, which are paired with these glyphs, adds to the mischievous tone of monsters themselves. It would be a blast to design with this group of characters!