Heart Cupcake Toppers

3D valentines day decoration

Make your Valentine’s Day party or wedding shower even more special with these cupcake toppers! Aren’t they cute? Of course they also come in pink…
valentine heart pattern

The toppers are only 3.5″ tall, so they don’t overwhelm the tops of the cupcakes. Instead they add an eye catching element to them.
heart cupcake decoration
valentines day party
cupcake decorations

Both the pink and red cupcake toppers feature an original heart pattern. The 3D red cupcake toppers come in 3 red and white patterns—Stripes, Hearts, Vintage paper/Heart combo. The toppers are sold in sets of 12. At our Etsy store, we offer a mixed set of flat and 3-demensional heart toppers (6 of each). We also offer a complete set of 3D heart cupcake toppers.

Complete your party with matching handmade paper garlands or notecards/invitations!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional ideas for heart decorations. We’d love to help you create the perfect heart themed party!