Monkeying Around

healthy dessert recipe

This week I’ve been working on a new illustration that features swinging monkeys. They have been a great help to keep my thoughts to warm, steamy tropical jungles rather than my snowy, cold upstate New York scenery.
abbydora design custom collage art

In fact, my funny, furry friends inspired me to create a tasty and healthy dessert. What better way to add a punch of color and flavor to winter than with  tropical fruits? This treat is so simple that I know you will want to try it yourself.  Here’s the recipe.

Blueberry Banana Orange Parfait
1/2- 1 cup washed Blueberries
1 Banana
1 Medium Navel Orange
1 8 oz. cup plain Greek Yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
Glassware or jar of your choice

healthy parfait dessert

1. Add honey to the Greek yogurt and mix together well.
2. Peal orange and sliced into small chunks.
3. Select the glassware of your choice. Have fun with this decision! There are many options from wine glasses to canning jars.

abbydora design recipe

4. Begin to layer. Start with a layer of blueberries at the bottom of your glass. Then add a dollop of the yogurt. You can gently spread the yogurt around with a spoon to cover all the blueberries. Next, create a layer with several orange chunks. Top with more yogurt. Repeat this process until you fill your glass and end with a yogurt layer.

5. Slice several pieces of banana and place them on top of the final yogurt layer. Ta-da! A healthy and fun dessert!

abby healthy food

Feel free to add in your own favorite tropical fruits to this recipe. I bet pineapple or mango would be equally as delicious. You also can add a bit of granola or crushed flax seed to the top to add a little crunch.

Do you have a great healthy dessert idea? I love to hear it!