Snowflake Holiday Party

abbydora holiday decorations
I was inspired to write about my snowflake collections because it actually snowed this morning here in upstate New York. Mentally, I’m not quite ready for it, but in a few weeks a little holiday snow would be just the right festive touch.

You can add the same festive touch to your own holiday party by throwing a snowflake themed event! Start by sending out snowflake pattern invitations. Our snowflakes notecards work wonderfully as invitations. They are paired with metallic envelopes that offer a bit of magical shimmer to the falling snow. We have a couple of sets for you to consider.
abbydora design notecards
abbydora design cards

Continue to add touches of blues and snow to doorways, mantles, or banisters with our 8 foot long snowflake garlands.
abbydora design illustration
abbydora design holiday decor

Our snowflake paper ornaments work great for door prizes, napkin rings, or even as gift toppers. Each one is handmade, so every ornament is slightly different!
snow paper decoration
blue christmas ornament
snowflake party decorations

With the help of AbbyDora Design you can host a wonderful snowflake holiday party that’s fun, easy, and beautiful! If you have additional snowflake inspired ideas, we would be happy to create custom designs just for you. Cheers!