Teal Mason Jars

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One of my favorite colors is teal. It’s a color that I have always been able to live with, without ever getting tired of it. I also love vintage glassware. So when I began to see vintage TEAL mason jars popping up you can imagine how excited I became. However, all the ones I saw were already refurbished and expensive. I don’t mind getting a little dirty, so I thought maybe these jars would be for sale at local yard sales. I mentioned this idea to a good friend of mine, who happens to be the Queen of the Yard Sale. “No problem” was her answer and within a couple of weeks, I was the proud parent of 3 charming, extremely dirty, teal mason jars. I was even more elated that 2 of them had glass tops!
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My little teal gang was pretty dirty, but the beauty of their color and form was shinning through all the rust and grim. I pulled on rubber gloves and went to work scrubbing and soaking and scrubbing and soaking and then scrubbing some more. It look a weekend’s work of love, but I eventually got these little jars back into shape!
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My teal jars are giant leaps better than they were, but you’ll notice they aren’t perfect. A little grim still clings on, but as D says “It shows their history and gives them a little more character”. Well said D, well said. I’m very happy to have my mason jars. “The twins”, the jars with the glass tops, are proudly displayed on my mantle, adding a splash of color to my collection of black frames. The other jar is happily sitting on my windowsill in my studio. I smile every time I see them.