Be Your Own Curator

abby dora graphic design
Thanks to a great tip from HOW Magazine I discovered a fantastic new website to help me be more organized and creative. The site is called Wookmark and it allows you to have your own virtual bulletin board to collect images from all over the web of visuals that inspire you.

For each image you collect, you can site the source, tag it to a group for better organization, or even start discussions on it with other members. You also can add images already collected from other members, too. And the best part—to add a visual it couldn’t be easier! First, you install a bookmark button to your browser and when you find an image that interests you on a website, you simply click the Wookmark button and all the visuals on the page appear as selectable options. Click your preferred image, add your details, and voila, you’re done. You don’t have to be logged in at Wookmark to save images. The image is automatically placed on your bulletin board when you save your image. So simple, so beautiful!

Fall Collection
abbydora illustration

Vintage search within Wookmark
abby dora rochester, ny
Besides just general fun of collecting inspiring design and art this could help designers and artists assemble a mood board for an upcoming project or even photo reference. Need to start that Holiday Gift list? Why not use Wookmark to make a visual one! Are you a foodie that loves new recipes, but you also want those money shots of the finished dish? Wookmark is your solution. One note of warning: Wookmark makes collecting beautiful things so much fun it’s addicting!