Font Finds: Top Fonts for Designers

Are you a designer that has a group of favorite fonts that you just shuffle together again and again? Or do you have no limit to your font usage? “The more the merrier” is your motto! Well, I myself have a few favorites I like to keep close, but I am willing to seek out a new acquaintance if the project requires it.

abby custom design cards
One of my favorite serif typefaces is Mrs. Eaves. For me, its just the right amount of class with a little retro-cute feel. Plus, comes with its own Petite Caps! I was happy to see that Mrs. Eaves made it to the runner up status in Web Designer’s Depot list of Designer’s Most Popular Fonts. This means, that yes, its a great font, BUT its not yet being over used! Hooray!

Check out the list for yourself. Did your top typefaces make the cut? If not, which ones makes your heart pitter-patter?