Children’s Books Celebrate Milestones

modern classics abbydora
Hip Hip Hooray! A few of my favorite friends are celebrating their milestone anniversaries this year. I bet you know my friends too: Babar, James and the Giant Peach, Snowy Day, Wrinkle in Time, and Jumanji. These are wonderful modern classic children’s books that are still making both kids and adults smile even 30 to 80! years later.

Thanks to a mom who is passionate about children’s literature, I learned to love books, especially books for children, right from the start. I remember reading each one of these books as a child or having it read aloud to me. James and the Giant Peach was a month long event in first grade. Mrs. Anderson would read sections at a time at the end of the school day. I always looked forward to those 15 minutes. I would sit cross legged on the carpet amongst my friends imagining what it would feel like to live inside an actual peach. Sticky, gluey, and very orange were my thoughts!

With these big markers each book is getting a new look. Often publishers repackage a classic book to give it fresh life and introduce it to a new audience. These books certainly deserve a good scrub and a new set of clothes. PW’s children’s bookshelf gives us all the details about the new designs for the milestone books.