Porch Pizazz

One of the great perks about our apartment is that it has a large second story front porch. After living in a small railroad style apartment in NYC it’s fantastic to be able to find an escape in the heat of the summer on our covered porch. Alas, though, decorating our porch has been a slow process. We have a couple of camp chairs out there, a grill, and my teal cafe table (yes, it’s fabulously weathered teal!). But that’s about it. This summer I wanted to start to add a little style to our outdoor space. It will be a building process, but I think we’re off to a great start.

For the last couple of months D and I have been on the hunt for lanterns to hang in between the posts on the porch. At first we were thinking of a traditional camp lantern, but this was proving to be very difficult to find. Then on a whim, I happened to take a peak into Pier One Imports. After strolling around all the stuffed shelves I found these beautiful antique brass garden lanterns!

abbydora porch designabbydora garden design


They come in two sizes, a large one that about 18 inches tall and a small one that’s about 9 inches tall. Each lantern has intricate detailing to create an Asian inspired pattern. With all the cool colors on the porch already (the exterior of the house is a blue grey) the orange of the brass lanterns offers a wonderful punch of color.

abby dora graphic design

Even at night the lanterns give the porch a little something extra. In each lantern we placed a small votive candle. The light displays beautiful shadows on our porch ceiling.


abbydora illustrationabby kuperstock design


When I bought the lanterns I also found a green ceramic votice in the shape of a song bird. I couldn’t resist. Teal and lime green pair so well together!

abbydora book design

The little bird happily sits on our porch now and keeps me company when I sip my morning cup of tea.




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