Knight Logo Design

sports blue identity

This Spring, I was fortunate enough to work with a Bronx high school on redesigning their school logo. Many thanks to Nick and Bree for thinking of me for this project!

The logo redesign was part of a larger school culture Renaissance. The students voted on new school colors and a school mascot. When the voted was all completed the East Bronx Academy students were now to be known as the blue and silver Knights! It was time to showcase their new attitude with a new logo. And what better way to keep the momentum going then to have the students be actively part of the logo creation?! To start the project, I had a video conference call with a group of students. They offered spot on ideas on what visual elements best described a knight and how they wanted their school to be portrayed. The students’ energy and excitement about actually impacting the school was contagious. In each step of the process, the students and faculty continued to be directly involved by voting and emailing me feedback on the three rounds of revisions. The whole collaborative process was truly amazing.

Happily this past June, the school had a pep rally which included giving a logo printed t-shirt to each student!

knight logoEBA logo designblue knight identityschool sports logo

Here you can see the band wearing it and even the boys varsity basketball team! I’m quite proud of the final design of the logo, but it feels even better to see how one small design project can help to inspire an entire school.