Big Sur, Big Bold Beauty

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I’m back from the breath taking west coast! D and I took a week-long road trip along Route 1 on the Pacific coast. We started in San Francisco and ended up in LA. To understate it, the coastline is quite dramatic in the central coast (more like every turn makes your heart beat a little faster out of excitement). This trip has been a goal of mine for about 5 years. I wanted to see the cliffs and the ocean in Big Sur with my own eyes. Happily Mother Nature cooperated with clear skies for most of our time there. Mother Nature is quite the artist as well. The color combinations of the deep blues and teals of the ocean paired with the bright greens on the sloping hills, and the touches of neutrals and splashes of yellow wild flowers couldn’t have been painted better. You can now begin to drool.
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She even threw in a few evenings of breath taking soft purple clouds of fog rolling in off the ocean. A sea of fog replaced the water as far as the eye could see.
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Being in this environment is hard not to be inspired by natural beauty. Even on a smaller scale there was beauty to be found. The textures found along our trip were also eye catching. Can you figure out from where theses textures came? Answers tomorrow!

Texture 1
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