Yoda Wants His Book Back

Happy Friday all! It’s quite an exciting day today as I am wrapping up projects and double checking to be sure I packed my sunglasses and my underwear. Later today D and I fly out to the west coast for some vacation fun! I hope to be back with a few spectacular photos and great stories.

Before I go though, have you heard the news about the release of an epic (that’s right Dan, epic) new book? Alas, no, it’s not a new Harry Potter. It’s a story that has even more dedicated fans. Cue the music! Coming this September is: The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.

The Jedi Path comes packaged in a truly amazing, mechanical box. When you press the button Star Wars-esque sounds play as the two panels open and the book is elevated up. Impressive, very impressive.

Apparently as the story is told, Jedi Masters have passed down this book from generation to generation. When the Jedi temple was destroyed only one copy of the book as survived. Wait, wait, I’m not doing the story justice. Thankfully, Lucasfilm has created a trailer to explain it all.

Can you believe this excitement is all for a printed book! It’s fantastic! The book has a worn look and feel to it. Pages are torn, missing, scribbled on. There are even loose elements stuck within the book—a braid of hair, coffee stained napkins to name just a couple. The instructions are paired with full color illustrations as well.

All of these extra details immerses the reader into the world of the Jedi. Young and old will be giddy with excitement while reading this book. The Jedi Path is a limited edition book created by the print production companies: Imago and backer&mayer!, and of course, with Lucasfilm.

This is sure to be a collector’s item, so if you want it you better get in line, Padawan.