Lathering Up Creativity

gouache abbydora
Where do you do your best creative thinking? I bet you a box of brand new paint tubes that it isn’t sitting in front of your drawing table, easel, or computer screen. Those areas are too close to the problem at hand. I know when I’m sitting at the computer screen or looking down at a blank piece of paper I feel the pressure to find the “right” solution as quickly as possible, but sometimes the creative juices just aren’t moving. Time to step away. Take the advice from an artist who has trouble doing this. It’s a challenge to be honest with myself and realize that for what ever reason my creativity isn’t jiving at the moment. This doesn’t mean I will never find the solution. It only means I need a break from focusing on it. My suggestions: take the dog for a walk, do some laundry, or go exercise. Your brain will continue to think about the creative problem, but it’s on the back burner. For me, most often my creative breakthroughs happen in the shower. It’s truly amazing. The world seems so simple in the shower. Lathering up my hair, an idea will pop into my head for an illustration. Scrubbing my feet, a new typeface for that logo might just work. No effort seemed required for these solutions. Stepping away from the designated work areas really, truly, honestly works to spark creativity. Here’s one of my own shower ideas for a watercolor painting.
abbydora watercolor
abby illustration painting