Celebrate Dad this Month

AbbyDora Fathers Day
Summer is just around the corner. Can’t you smell the sunscreen already? I can hardly believe we’ve reached June. May was an actual blur for me. I had some event planned every weekend, so now that June is here I’m actually taking a moment and looking around. Thankfully, my creative juices are still flowing. This last week, I focused my energy on creating new cards to post to my Etsy shop. I created several cards to celebrate the big guys of our lives. Yep, that’s right our men—our Dads, Fathers, Papas, Pas, of the world. With all those names, it just seemed right to create a card that uses them all!
AbbyDora design stationery

I know my Father is an avid baseball fan and growing up one of the family activities was “throwing the ball around”. (Oh and, yes, I can throw a ball, just like the guys! Ask my friend Dan.) This memory inspired me to sketch the essentials of baseball. To add a little more color, I changed my sketch lines to blue and added a subtle hint of the playing field with a light green background.
Abby Dora designer

The last two cards I created have a dash of tongue and cheek. Mustaches are quite popular in recent years. Perhaps I was seeing more of them since I had been living in Brooklyn? Whatever the reason, men this year are sporting all sorts of styles of facial hair. The interesting part of the mustache-wearing crowd is the fact that from the neck down most of them haven’t given up on their youth. Converse sneakers and slightly unkempt ties can be seen on our fearless mustache men. These two cards were created to honor this special type of man.
Abby Fathers Day card
Mustache Dad card

Mark the date: Sunday June 19th is Father’s Day. Don’t forget to send your Dad a note of appreciation and love.