Trending Now: Bugs

It’s finally Spring here in upstate New York! How do I know? Well…
a) I now wake up to birds chirping outside my studio window (yay!)
b) I’m sneezing a whole lot more (thanks to all those Lilac bushes in Highland Park)
c) I’ve seen a few creepy crawlies in our “full of charm” 1920’s apartment.

One of these little visitors was a red ladybug that landed on my studio window sill. Of all the bugs, I don’t really mind ladybugs—must be because they are so circular and lucky! I credit her for the inspiration to create my new line of stationery—BUGS! The first two designs of this series feature bright red ladybugs and golden yellow honeybees.
AbbyDora Design stationery

AbbyDora Design illustration

I wanted to create simply, styled insects that would have strong graphic looks. I focused on color and shape to compose the insects and compositions. Happily the response to my cards has been wonderful on my Etsy shop. Thanks everyone! I’m working on a third bug design. It’s still in the sketch phase, but I will tell you it will be green and flies. Any guesses?

While working on this third bug card, I overheard a book review at the beginning of the week that couldn’t have been more on topic with my artwork. Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart describes the more devilish insects in our world. Even the cover design is menacing looking. Thankfully, I have never encountered these bugs in my house! One insect of interest is the emerald wasp. This mean bug will sting the brain of a cockroach in order to disable the instinct for the cockroach to run away. The wasp can then lead the cockroach around like a dog on a leash until she finds a suitable place for her to lay her eggs in the cockroach’s belly. Craziness!

AbbyDora Design is offering a Mother’s Day giveaway this week. Once lucky person will win their very own ladybug note card set and a bonus Mother’s Day card. See details below to enter!