Visual Learner

I am a visual learner. This is no great surprise since I gravitated toward art and design my whole life. For me to truly understand it I need to see it, but not all visual information is presented clearly. It takes time and thought to visually explain an idea. Enter the designer.

I recently found a great list of infographics or charts explaining typography and color concepts. The full list can be found here, but I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.



There’s nothing like showing the sins of typography through beautiful typography. I adore the title treatment of this poster. Beauty can be misleading, so designers take heed. This poster highlights a collection of 34 misdeeds of typesetting. See if you have committed any of these sins recently.


With a touch of humor this infographic guides you through the selection process of choosing a typeface. “You cried when watching Terminator” or “How about something fancy” are some of the questions you might have to answer when navigating the chart. Humor + design = awesome.


color theory
What I love about this color chart is that it shows both CMYK and RGB color combinations on one layout. It’s your one stop color-shopping guide!

With the expanding cross culture sharing of design, knowing the meaning of colors in other countries has become more imperative. This handy color guide helps you become aware of the meaning of the colors across 10 cultural groups. Did you know lavender means “decadence” in Western and Japanese culture, but “mourning” in South America?