A Room of My Own

Hello there! Ta-da—a brand new website and blog! I’m so glad you came to look around. It’s here where I’ll be sharing current design projects, thoughts on the creative process, yummy recipes (if I’m not in the studio then I’m in the kitchen), and other small moments that make life beautiful.

2011 is full of new places, faces, and routines for me. I’m adjusting to the quieter life here in Rochester, NY. Even after 6 months I’m still shaking off old NYC habits. Not being able to just walk out my front door to grab milk or pick-up the after work “I’m too exhausted to cook” sushi dinner is slightly disappointing, BUT, thus far, the pluses out weigh the minuses. The first major plus, is I now get a room of my own. That’s right—I have a studio. Half of it is for my graphic design work and the other half is for painting, drawing, and other very fun and messy artwork. I have a large window too where the afternoon sun spills in. Gone are the years of squeezing in workspace on the kitchen table and having a computer desk in the bedroom. It’s true, you can breathe easier in upstate New York.